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Unique Some ideas for Masonic Presents

The Asian are especially fond of the moon since it symbolizes prosperity and longevity. The moon also presents the yin principle (the feminine), and this occasion heralds the coming days to grow cool, dark and wet.

The Moon Festival is a special Chinese vacation because it remembers bounty, family and freedom.

In old rural China, the Moon Festival can be an event to offer thanks for the bountiful harvest that year.
Based on icon, the Asian Moon event is also a romantic time and energy to enjoy love for family.
History contributes its own basis. A landmark political victory is feature to this Asian holiday.
The Moon Event is celebrated through the 15th of the 8th month of the Chinese schedule, when the entire moon is thought to be at its highest and brightest. This year 2008, it is celebrated on September 14th.

Moon Festivals in China are commemorated by individuals eating meal together, and then planning outdoors to understand the wonderful elegance of the total moon. Wishes and wishes are sent forth to the Lady of the Moon. Moon poetry can also be read. For members of the family or lovers that are perhaps not together, the Moon Event is the perfect time to gaze at the moon and remember liked ones. Concurrently gazing at the moon, also though the family member is a long way away, makes people and fans sense closer.

Moon event activities are presented in lots of places for its Asian residents. Lantern festivals, fairs and moon-gazing activities are typically held around the world to honor the growing season and the moon. In the US and different countries, Asian moon festivals will also be celebrated by individuals through night picnics, moon poetry examining and moon-gazing.

The relationship of the Moon Festival is not forgotten since it is surrounded by colorful legends focusing on enjoy and family. There are lots of modifications, but a standard thread is approximately Hou Yi the Archer and his wife Woman Chang'E.

In the olden times, it absolutely was stated that 10 suns arose and shone on the earth. The excessive temperature from the suns dried up the earth and the fields. Persons starved. Hou Yi the archer picture down 9 of the suns and stored the earth. The Jade Emperor was happy and granted him with the Elixir of Life. Hou Yi had a wife, Chang'E. You can find various designs to the story. One edition is that Hou Yi gave the elixir to Chang'E for safekeeping. Still another variation says that Hou Yi put the elixir and Chang'E inadvertently found it. In either case, Chang'E ingests the Elixir of Life. She becomes really gentle and drifts around the heavens. She also improvements into a toad. Hou Yi chases her through the heavens, but doesn't succeed in finding her back. Chang'E lands on the moon. Hou Yi welcomes their destiny and features a Moon Palace built for her. The gods, touched by Hou Yi's love for Chang'E, allow them to generally meet there monthly, when the moon is full.

The Moon Festival evokes extraordinary feelings of gratitude, love and understanding for freedom. The emotions of people providing gratitude for the year's benefits are powerful by itself. Mixing it further with gratitude that one's ancestors had the courage to operate for freedom more shows the good thoughts toward this festival.

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